I’ve spent all day responding to comments and emails from the launch of TypePad Hacks. I’m really blown away and gratified at the response so far.

I mean, it’s only been about 28 hours since I launched the blog and made it public and already:

  • 8 blogs have picked up the story (including Hugh and Steve, thanks guys)
  • there’ve been 1200+ pageviews
  • 56 people have subscribed to the feed
  • lots of people bookmarked it at
  • Several people wrote to offer help writing and testing Hacks for the blog.
  • One person wrote to offer work designing blogs.
  • The comments have been smart, incisive, supportive and on-topic.
  • Two people have said they are willing to participate in the fundraising effort

That exceeds my expectations to the point where I’ve just been giggling all day! Wow. I had no idea this would take off so quick. Looks like I’ll be busy writing long hours this weekend.

It doesn’t look like anyone has submitted the site to boing boing, digg or slashdot yet… Somebody hook me up out there, hey? I love the smell of burning servers…

I’ll try to get some new posts up here at the studio over the weekend too… There’s a lot going on besides TypePad Hacks. I’ve just got delirious happy tunnel vision for the moment.