Win a Firebird Grill Sculptural Firebowl available only through giveaways!

firebird grill sculptural firebowl giveaway

Win a Firebird Grill Sculptural Firebowl™ valued at $250. I no longer make the Firebird Grill as a production design but I have four left which will be available only through giveaways.

Enter the giveaway by completing the tasks listed in the widget below. The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win.

The current contest runs from November 28, 2016 until 6PM Eastern, December 15, 2016. Winners will be notified by email with 48 hours of the contest’s conclusion. Winner will be chosen at random. Prize includes free priority mail shipping. All winners will be listed at the end of this page.


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The only required task to enter the contest is signing up for my email newsletter. The newsletter goes out about 4-6 times a year and usually focuses on one big art project or idea along with short bits about new artwork. You can see previous examples of the newsletter here.

The Firebird Grill is hand-cut by artist John T. Unger from scrap 20 lb propane tanks. Each is an unique work of art, never to be exactly repeated. It is the smallest version of my original design, the Great Bowl O’ Fire Sculptural Firebowl™.

This stylish, portable grill weighs only 6.5 lbs and is 7 Inches high with a diameter of 12 inches. Use charcoal, gel fuel or wood fires for cooking, or fill with sand and use an alcohol or oil lamp for ambiance. The Firebird has been featured on SlashFood, Treehugger, and Hippyshopper. Great Green Goods has called the Firebird Grill “the eco-friendly, hip and happening wedding present of 2006.”

firebird grill cookout

The Firebird is a great way to turn cooking into a fun and sociable event— place the grill at the center of an outdoor table and gather friends for an evening of conversation and tasty treats.

Combining elements of Mongolian barbeque, tapas and fondue, the Firebird is perfect for grilling kebabs, satay, veggies, and is well suited for sausage and burgers. For best results, cut food into bite-size pieces and arrange on stainless steel skewers. Use tongs to turn the skewers for even cooking.

For hors d’oeuvres or snacks, it’s easy to share one grill among 3-4 people. Side dishes of rice, couscous or other grains round out the meal. The Firebird grill encourages leisurely, healthful dining at a relaxed pace.

NOTE: Cooking grate is NOT included with grill but can be purchased at any hardware store.

The Firebird is a work of art designed to last decades. Each Grill is cut by hand, never repeating the same design.


List of winners to date:

  1. Debbie H.
  2. Diane B.
  3. Jeff K.
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