The Answer Is Blowin’ In The Wind

Galaxy windvane first version

One of my most treasured scores from Chicago is a milk crate full of heavy duty (and seriously costly) bearings which I salvaged from the machine room of a condemned building. I was given a key and the run of the place for one day, like a found-object sculptor’s dream come true.

So yesterday, I got to thinking that if the Salamander was getting so much attention at the gallery, maybe I should build some spinning stuff for the studio here too… I’ve always loved sculpture that  moves, whether we’re talking windvanes, whirligigs or full-blown Automata. There’s a great book on contemporary English automata that I’ve checked out from the local library three times this year, Automata and Mechanical Toys, by Rodney Peppe. I think I’ve returned it late each time.

I’m gonna see if I can’t work my way down to the bottom of that crate this summer. If nothing else, it’ll be good practice for the junkyard wind power generators I’d like to build and mount on the new studio.