The Global Microbrand Panel from SXSW 2007 is Now Online



The SXSW panel on Global Microbrands with Hugh MacLeod, Kathy Sierra, David Parmet and Gabe Rivera recently went live on the SXSW podcast page. You can download it here: The Global Microbrand: Are Blogs, Suits and Wine the New Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll?

Parmet: (on working from home) I want to show my kids that when you
graduate from college you don’t have to work in “the glass building of
death for Mr. Dickless.” (quoting Hugh)

Hugh: I’m sorry, real jobs do suck.  The more people who can succeed on their own terms, the happier I’ll be. I want everyone to succeed.

Hugh MacLeod’s concept of the Global Microbrand was one of the biggest inspirations that led me to use blogs to sell my artwork. It’s not a complex idea… that the web makes it possible for someone to enter a world market with the things that they are passionate about and that they no longer need to be in the center of a major city to make that work. But actually putting it into practice has worked out remarkably well, really, beyond my wildest dreams. In the last couple years sales have grown exponentially; I’ve formed great relationships and friendships with interesting people all over the world; I’ve gotten tons of media exposure that sought me out instead of the other way round and I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on all kinds of interesting projects with people I’d never have met without the networking effect that publishing a blog leads to naturally. All in all, it’s all been good. I’m glad that I found Hugh’s stuff when I did and was able to try it out. It changed everything. In a good way.

Hugh, Kathy and David have been some of the most generous people I’ve met online so it was really great to get a chance to meet them in person at the panel. If you weren’t there, it’s definitely worth listening to, even if you’re familiar with the ideas involved. Hugh was kind enough to give me a shout-out a couple times during the panel as an example of someone putting his concept into practice, which was flattering (at 45:55 and 1:01.22 in the recording). Afterwards, Hugh and I went out for a few whiskeys and he drew me the cartoon above. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

Bonus link: Another one of my favorite panels was $100 Internet Businesses by Byron Reese of PageWise Inc. Not only did it have some great info, but he’s a dynamic and interesting speaker. This was one of the panels I attended that I was really looking forward to hearing again when it went online.