Scrapyard Abstract No. 2

Scrappy Rooster: Scrapyard Abstract No. 2, 2005
Recycled steel.

33″ x 21″ x 12″

Last week I was kind of in a bind… I needed to bring two Great Bowls O Fire to Chicago with me, but couldn’t find any of the pipe I use for the bases at my local scrap yard. And neither of the companies where I buy new steel carry exactly what I need. So I went looking for bases at Integrity Iron & Metal, a bigger scrap yard in Traverse City which I usually only visit when looking for copper and aluminum. Integrity has awesome piles of steel, but I rarely go there for steel for a few reasons… the main reason is that they’re much further away, but also, it’s a very active yard with a lot of heavy machinery working all day which tends to make it a bit more dangerous to browse. And they insist on hard hats, which is a good idea but not really comfortable. And of course, the other problem is that they have so much cool stuff there that I’m always in danger of blowing way more cash than I ought to, especially since they charge me almost twice what my local yard charges for steel.

As I was poking around, I came onto a pile where large pieces of pipe were being sheared into smaller pieces for shipping out to the smelter. The one below was the first to catch my eye, but there were quite a few that had been crushed, bent, cut and smashed into really gorgeous shapes. I really tried to ignore them, but found myself returning to the pile again and again as one piece or another called out to me and demanded to be taken home to the studio. Eventually I gave in. Of course.