New Mosaic Fish for Alden Art Fair

So, it’s cram week for the next two weeks while I make new work for the Alden Art & Craft Fair. Mya and I are working on a few smaller mosaic fish, using leftover Sicis glass from the big trout sign and some nice metallic glass tile I have on hand. I’ll probably do a few new bottle cap fish as well if I get time.

The first pic below is Mya’s first solo project: A brown trout measuring 27″ W x 21″ H. The following pics are of a bluegill I completed last night (17″ W x 11″ H). Both the trout and bluegill will be free-form wall hanging pieces, with a copper border to protect the edge of the mosaic.


Newtrout_01    Newtrout_02    Newtrout_03Newtrout_04    Newtrout_05    Newtrout_07


If you’d like to see these pieces in person, come visit me at the Alden Art Fair or call the studio at 231.584.2710. I rather expect these will go fast, so if you think you might be interested in snagging the trout or catching the bluegill… well, I’d call the studio asap.

Alden Art Fair
Aug. 28-29 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Alden Depot Park, Alden, MI.