LakeView Baseball Club Mosaic

While Mya and I were in Chicago a few weeks ago, we stopped in to visit Tony Racky at the Lakeview Baseball Club. Tony is a dream client— he’s easy to work with, fun to hang out with and enthusiastic about the projects we’ve worked on. I wanted to see the new addition to the club and check out the installation of the Joe Tinker mosaic I delivered last year.

Here’s a few pics of the mosaic, the addition, Tony at the bar table and the view of Wrigley Field from the top of the addition. The view of the game is better from the seats on the lower level, but it’s way more fun to be up top.


Joe Tinker mosaic

Joe Tinker mosaic

Joe Tinker mosaic

Lakeview Baseball Club View


The Tinker mosaic was the first of a projected triptych featuring portraits of Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance. Here’s the artwork that the full triptych will be based on, taken from baseball cards I found online at the Library of Congress’ Special Collections website. I love the orange sky, but I’ve swapped it out for blue in the first two portraits because I felt it might be a bit confusing.


Tinker2    Johnnyevers    Fchance