Grouting the Solar System


Grouting the finished portion of the mosaic. We ran a little short of the white tile for the background and unfortunately it was back ordered… so we finished the area around the tub so that the bathroom could be used while we wait for the tile.

On the larger background areas I used a grout float to apply grout, but in general I prefer to apply it by hand so I can feel what I’m doing. I like the Performance Plus brand refinishing gloves available at Home Depot… not only are they resistant to most nasty chemicals, but they also hold up extremely well to sharp edges. I was able to get through the entire installation process with only one pair of gloves and none of the sharp edges of glass put holes in them. The other aspect I like about them is that they fit really well and provide good tactile feedback.

Here’s a few pics of the planets after grouting. Mars was right on the edge of where we ran out of tile. We decided to wait to install Neptune until our return so I could bring more installation tape with me.

The finished area of the mosaic. The window frame was replaced after we left. On the next trip, we’ll be finishing the install for the solar system and we’ll also be doing a spiral galaxy using small mirror pieces on the remaining wall and ceiling.

I’m planning to finish the project over the week of August 7 if the tile comes in by then.