The map below shows the approximate locations of most of the firebowls I’ve shipped.


Not shown on the map are about 100 firebowls that sold from the studio, through galleries or at art shows, since there was no address data to work from for many of those sales. Also not shown are any of the Blaze O’ Glory or Pot-de-Feu sold before 2008. Many of the locations include multiple firebowls, but I’ve decided to only map each location once… if you click on the map point a pop-up shows you how many of which design of firebowl are at that location.


If you view the map on its Google maps page, there’s a sidebar you can use to navigate the points more easily. Some areas are so thick with firebowls that even at a high level of zoom it is hard to see all of them or click on them individually. The sidebar at Google makes it much easier to find the points for publicly accessible firebowls and galleries.


Red points map public locations such as restaurants, hotels and resorts where you may view my firebowls in person.


Green Points map galleries and stores that carry my firebowls.


Blue points on the map show towns or zip code where I’ve shipped firebowls. To preserve privacy, none of the blue points are mapped closely enough to find the residence: they are approximate locations only.




View Map on Google maps page


Creating the map seemed like little more than “neat idea” at first, but actually being able to visualize where the firebowls have gone turns out to be much more interesting than I first thought. At present, I have firebowls in 49 states and 10 countries, which was a much wider dispersal than I would have guessed if I’d been guessing. The only state I’m missing is Iowa.