Alden Bank Sign in Place

mosaic sign braced for concrete to set

Anyone who’s been through Alden lately has noticed that the new sign for the bank has been installed… at least mostly. The concrete slab needs to thoroughly cure before I can bolt the sign down, so at present it’s heavily braced. In another few weeks, I’ll also be going back to dye the grout in the background to make the black more uniform. Sadly, the dye requires the grout to cure for 28-30 days, but once that’s done I think the lettering and the fish will really pop. I think I’ve got the bank talked into landscaping around the sign with an oval of recycled glass gravel from designers Andy Cao and Stephen Jerrom. Either the cobalt mix or the green glass balls would look fantastic under the sign and would throw some more light up onto the mosaic. And of course, there will be some lights installed later this week to illuminate the sign at night.

Here’s a bunch of pics showing various details of the sign.









So far, even with the braces on, the response to the sign has been great. I can’t wait to see it freestanding. Major props go to Wheelock & Sons Welding, who did the fabrication and powder coat enamel on the sign structure.

Here’s a couple images of the glass pebbles I want to use for the landscaping:

glass pebbles


glass pebbles