A Font O’ Fire Firebowl in Minneapolis MN

Adding Gas Burner To Firebowl

Frances in Minneapolis sent in both construction photos and photos of the finished space for her Font O’ Fire Sculptural Firebowl™. She wrote:

The fire pit is beautiful! Very simple and just what I wanted for an informal space. I really appreciate how you were able to work closely with me to satisfy the Minnesota regulators who wanted things done “their way only.”  I hope that we can encourage some other Minnesota folks to go with your product.

I love the huge black stone that borders the patio! And the built in stone seating is also very nice. Thanks for sharing the before and after pics, Frances!

Enjoying the First Fire in the Font O' Fire Sculptural Firebowl

Installing Burner Pan For Electric Ignition Firepit

Glass Media in Font O Fire firebowl